Oct 23, 2012

मेरो ब्लग र मेरो भेट नभएको पनि थुप्रो भएछ। आजदेखि मैले अर्को ब्लग सुरु गरेको छु। कृपया हेरेर आफ्नो प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोला है। धन्यवाद। 
Whoa! I've stayed away from my blog for too long. College and everything, quite hard time. I have started a new blog through which I'm regularly planning to share my latest works on art and crafts I make with discarded and found stuffs, starting with jewelries. Please follow me there friends, and also give me some feedback so that I can learn more. Thank you. :)
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Apr 3, 2012

Please go through the recent updates in my other blog. :). Ides of March has been awesome.